The Best French Restaurants In Moscow

Наш ресторан вошел в ТОП-5 лучших французских ресторанов Москвы. Большое спасибо редакции The Culture Trip за такую высокую оценку нашей кухни и атмосферы!

Restaurant Ecle

Restaurant Ecle is the best choice for a secluded romantic date. The restaurant is decorated in the French architectural style, using soft and pastel colors, vintage mirrors, furniture from mixed materials, a lot of ornate but stylish décor, and unobtrusive interior textiles. The main menu offers an exquisite mix of dishes of French and Italian cuisines, with some specialities including avocado with scallops and lettuce, or Sicilian salmon decorated with capers and anchovies. The wine list is presented with an extensive list of different wines of French and Italian origin, as well as draft beers and a classic cocktail range.

Oktyabr’skaya ulitsa 5, Moscow, +7 495 688 85 73

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